Our Story

DSCF1393 After eight years in the restaurant business, Gary and Lisa Matson launched their first solely owned venture, The Oven Pizza Company on June 28, 2011. They decided to make the focus of the restaurant the large Earthstone brick oven and to use it to create the freshest, most innovative pizzas around. They hired James Samreny whom they had worked with previously to join them as their General Manager and Menu Creator.

joven1“I credit my Italian and Lebanese heritage for the creative foods found at The Oven. My Italian grandfather Johnny Ceno, was a restauranteur and one of the first men to bring pizza to the Golden Triangle in Pittsburgh. The creations at The Oven are born out of those influences and, I believe when you eat our food you are experiencing something special.” –James Samreny, General Manager

The Matson’s crafted a vision for the company that is encapsulated in the phrase Here to Serve” 

We are here to serve:

Our Customers by creating an environment where people enjoy gathering over great food and experience exceptional service.

Our Employees by providing them with meaningful work and by helping them develop integrity and character that will enable them to succeed in all areas of life.

Our World by dedicating a portion of our resources to the local and global community especially those in need.

“It is our hope that The Oven Pizza Company would become a kind of ‘home away from home’ for our customers – a place where people would enjoy gathering over delicious, high quality foods and feel like they belong.” – Gary Matson